Funeral Liturgy Planning Form
We wish to extend our sincere condolences to you and yours at this time of loss. There is much you can do to personalize the funeral ceremony like choosing readings and hymns. We invite you to involve family members or friends as gift bearers, Lectors, etc. We will provide you with a copy of the passages the Church prescribes for funeral services. Please choose the Scripture readings that speak to your heart.
Order of Worship
Placing of the Pall: In memory of the baptismal garment, a large white cloth or pall (available at the church) is placed on the casket. Please indicate who will place the pall:
Gospel: Chosen and proclaimed by Priest or Deacon
Homily: Priest or Deacon
Would you prefer the parish staff to choose and proclaim the readings, intercessory prayers, and music?
Preparation of he Gifts: Two to four people may bring the gifts to the Presider; this is done after the Prayers of the Faithful. The bread and wine are on a table in the front of church.
Musical Selections:
Words of Remembrance (Optional)

Words of Remembrance are not required, but if permitted by the pastor/administrator, take place in this order of preference:
1. at the Funeral Parlor;
2. at a reception following the Funeral Mass;
3. at the conclusion of the Rite of Committal at the cemetery;
4. at the Funeral Liturgy Following the opening prayer. A family member or friend may offer Words of Remembranceabout the deceased.  Ordinarily one person offering a few short remarks is allowed (3 – 4 minutes).  Please see parish guidelines.
Please list any announcements (i.e. reception following burial) you would like made at the end of the service.
Please answer the following questions to assist the homilist in his preparations:
Name of Spouse, years married, children’s name, number of grandchildren, and number of great grandchildren.
What personal traits of the deceased will you miss most?  Why?
Describe from your experience the ordinary ways that deceased lived their faith, hope and love?
If you could describe your loved one with one word or phrase, what would you say?
Other information (family, job, career, hobbies, interests, etc.): 
Please return this information sheet to the St. Lawrence Church parish office two days before the funeral.  If this is problematic, please contact the parish office. (585)723-1350
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